if anyone understands, i do.

Growing up, I came from a family who seemed to always be suffering from chronic diseases. My father passed away from a massive heart attack at the age of 41 when I was just 14 years old. He had zero signs or symptoms that anything was wrong until it was too late. A few years later, we lost both of my aunts; one from pancreatic cancer and one from lung cancer.

Throughout each of these experiences, I realized that health is truly our greatest asset and we must take care of it and make it our number one priority. Without health, we are unable to thrive In the life we desire, see our families grow, and fulfill our dreams. While there is a time and a place for medicine, I do not believe the health comes from a pill. We must stop putting band aids on our issues and get to the root cause of our health concerns. At Holistic Healing, we treat each person as a whole, determine the root cause of your complaints, and allow healing to occur from the inside out.

preconception  doesn’t have to be scary

I have been in your shoes. Dealing with infertility is isolating, frustrating, and depressing. Its confusing to not understand why your body can’t do what it was designed to do. But this does not have to be your reality. While I can never guarantee pregnancy, I can guarantee that we can improve your healthy and greatly impact your hormonal health. The protocol we utilize, The Schaefer Protocol, is composed of 8 essentials to bring healing to your body at a cellular level and bring the body back to balance. The 8 essentials start with specific chiropractic care to balance the nervous system which controls every aspect of your body’s functions. If there is pressure on your nerves, your body will not function the way it is designed. Our gentle and specific technique removes this pressure so your brain can properly communicate with your body. We also utilize real food, essential nutrients, hydration, glycosylation, rest, movement, and empowerment.

Through these 8 essentials, your body is able to restore any deficiencies, heal from a cellular level, and function optimally. When your body is back in balance and the cells that create sperm and eggs are at peak health, we hope to see a natural and radiantly healthy pregnancy. This then leads to radiantly healthy babies, because let’s face it, kids are getting sicker and sicker every single year. The work you put into your own self through this protocol will impact your future generations to come.

nutrition  can be easy

It seems that everywhere we turn, there is a new nutrition trend on the horizon. Keto, Paleo, Whole30, Alkaline, etc. It can be confusing to figure out which one works for you and how to stick through them. Nutrition doesn’t have to be this complicated.

Our approach is to look at each person as a whole and figure out what nutritional deficiencies they have and how their body responds to certain foods. Why guess when you can test? We utilize Remedy Bioresonance testing to determine exactly what your body needs to heal. With a simple hair and saliva test, we can check each of the 14 systems of your body to determine how they are functioning together, which foods or environmental toxins are wreaking havoc on your health, nutritional deficiencies, which hormones are out of balance, and more.

Our test also checks for heavy metals, molds, chemicals, viruses, and parasites. Once we have the results, we are able to create a nutrition plan specific for you and advice on any supplements needed to begin your healing.

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